scholarly publications

Gordon, E., Elwood, S. Mitchell K. (2016) Critical Spatial Learning: Participatory Mapping, Spatial Histories, and Youth Civic Engagement. Children’s Geographies. Forthcoming.

Agloro, A., Gordon, E., Melton, S., Taylor, J. & Thumbran, J. 2014. The Future of Higher Education and Building Hybrid Careers: Reflections from leaders in the field. Public: A Journal of Imagining America.

Gordon, E. 2013. Under-served and un-deserving: Youth empowerment, poverty discourses and subject formation. Geoforum, 50, 107-116.

Public scholarship

Seattle Globalist – Seattle to Amsterdam, the Pitfalls of Being Progressive

Seattle Globalist – No Strings Attached Giving 

Media Commons – The Dissertation as Process not Product

Imagining America – Third Spaces and Intersectionality

favorite blog posts

Povblog – Radical Vulnerability

Medium – I’ve Always Been a Juggler

Personal Blog – A Narrative of Engagement





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